Employment Services

Our WorkBC Service Centres offer a wide array of programs and supports to individuals seeking to return to work.
These include:

  • A staffed resource area for using job search tools and information that includes:

* informational materials
* photocopy services
* fax machines
* public telephones
* internet access
* computer workstations

  • Job Search/Start Supports – funding that will connect you with employment. Examples of this might be to help you attend an interview, get to a new job or buy some work clothing
  • Employment Support Service Topic Workshops – help by providing such things as up-to-date job search information, resume writing or building a network
  • Wage Subsidy Work Experience Placement – assists with on-the-job training by providing funds to employers to offset their costs
  • Short-Term Orientation and Certification Training – can include such tickets as First Aid, WHMIS or Foodsafe.
  • Skills Training (Occupational, Fee Payer, Essential Skills) – this assistance is for people facing a changing field of work or an inability to continue in a current line of work
  • Self-Employment – provides supports and instruction to individuals planning on establishing their own business
  • Job Maintenance - provide support to employers and job applicants when they require direct on-the-job support and extended follow-up.
  • Job Creation Projects – assist organizations to deliver special projects in the community that train individuals through a paid employment placement
  • Project-Based Labour Market Training - assist people to obtain skills and experience through a combination of off-the-job classroom instruction, and on-the-job work experience
  • Unpaid Work-Experience Placements – assists people to gain skills, experience and a network through working with an employer is a work setting
  • Customized Employment – assists individuals facing significant barriers to employment to reconnect with employment through a series of initiatives
  • Job Development/Coaching – assists individuals facing significant barriers to employment to enter a worksite with supports and/or guidance
  • Apprenticeship financial supports – assists apprentices to enter trades training as part of an apprenticeship

For a list of WorkBC Employment Services visit:   https://www.workbc.ca/Employment-Services/WorkBC-Centres.aspx