Is your job search not working?  Possibly you need to refresh or update your job search techniques. 


Your WorkBC Employment Services Centre  help you find work.  Talk to your Employment Specialist if you want to take one of these workshops.

  PREPARING FOR JOB SEARCH OR WORK Identifying Employability Skills and Strengths Labour Market / Career Research Creating / Updating Resumes Career Planning and Career / Occupational Choices Using Internet and Email Employment Coaching Dressed for Employment Success Budgetng / Financial Planning Time Management / Organizational Skills Building Self-Esteem Recognizing / Understanding and Overcoming the Impacts of Abuse Personal Planning and Goal Setting Stress / Anger Management Health Enhancement / Personal Care Self-Awareness Disability Management for Employment Readiness - Physical and Mental Health Issues Substance Abuse / Relapse Prevention and/or Harm Reduction Accessing the Hidden Job Market Identify and Access Transferable Skills / Prior Learning
  OBTAIN JOBS AND WORK EXPERIENCE Job Search Job Shadowing Cold Calling Post Interview Follow-up Networking Job Leads and/or Arranging Interviews Interview Skills Self-Marketing Job Seeker Employers' Forum Job Club Like Services Labour Market or Career Research Creating or Updating Resumes Using the Intenet and Email Accessing the Hidden Job Market Cover Letters Effective References Completing Applications Informational Interviews Disclosing Disabilities in Job Search
  MAINTAIN EMPLOYMENT Effective Workplace Behaviour Workplace / Business Communication Skills Effective Communication and Problem Solving within the Workplace Effective Workplace Communication - Oral, Written or Non-verbal Communication Understanding Workplace Symbols and Signs Active Workplace Listening Skills Workplace Time Mangement / Organizational Skills Workplace Assertiveness Accepting, Starting and Maintaining Employment (to support job retention)
  ESSENTIAL EMPLOYABILITY LIFE SKILLS - BASIC Communicate Manage Information Use Numbers Problem Solving
  ESSENTIAL EMPLOYABILITY LIFE SKILLS - TEAMWORK Demonstrate Positive Attitudes and Behaviours Be Responsible Be Adaptable Learn Continuously Work Safely
  ESSENTIAL EMPLOYABILITY LIFE SKILLS - PERSONAL MANAGEMENT Work With Others Participate in projects and Tasks Life Skills: Parenting Life Skills:  Housing and Being a Good Tenant
3.3.1 Mandatory Self-Employment Orientation and Assessment Workshop
3.3.2 Client Self Assessment Self Employment Workshop Lesson OUtline
3.3.3. Self Employment - Business Concept Development and Acceptance